Gender analysis at the Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

From the 13-17 November 2017 we will be joining like-minded researchers, health care workers and policy makers at the Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health.

08 November 2017


There will be a few opportunities during the week to catch up with the RinGs team, come and say hello.

We are really excited about the establishment of the Gender and Equity Hub under the Global Health Workforce Network and will definitely go along to their session to support our colleagues.

Flyer for the gender equity hub

Participatory training

On Thursday we will be particularly busy as we will be running a session titled, ‘From Gender Blind to Gender Transformative Human Resources for Health Research’, with our colleagues from Women in Global Health.

Gender equity is imperative to the attainment of healthy lives and wellbeing of all, and promoting gender equity within human resources for health is an important part of this endeavour. Within human resources for health, gender is a key social stratifier which affects health workers’ needs, experiences, and outcomes, leading to inequities in recruitment, retention, postings, access to training, career progression, leadership opportunities, and pay. Despite the importance and influence of gender in human resources for health, research often fails to sufficiently consider gender as a social relation. Gender analysis is the process of analyzing how gender power relations and inequities affect health workers’ lives, create differences in needs and experiences, and how policies, protocols, and programs can help to address these differences. Because gender intersects with other axes of inequality based on caste, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age etc., it is also important to take a holistic approach to an analysis of the various levels of power and privilege that actors in the health system hold at various times in their careers. This session will provide participants with an introduction to gender analysis and how it can be incorporated into human resources for health research.

Through the use of practical tools, participants will have the opportunity to explore different ways gender analysis can be incorporated into human resources for health research, leading to better and more equitable recommendations, interventions and policies.

Flyer for the gender and HRH conference session

Social event

On Thursday evening we would be delighted if you would join us for a gender networking event at a bar that is just ten minutes from the conference venue. This is an opportunity to meet up with friends, old and new, and chat about our interests in a more relaxed and sociable environment.

Gender meet and greet flyer

If you come along you may even be lucky enough to pick up one of our free badges!

Photo of gender badges